Selected Projects

On this page, there’s a list of selected projects which I’ve collaborated on. The list doesn’t have to be complete because some of the projects aren’t public. Projects are listed in a chronologically descending order by the finish date.
  1. 2019–present
    • CaseStock C# Web Database

      Request Tracker
      Currently in Development
  2. 2018–present
    • ČučiApp C# Web Database

      Application for household management
  3. 2016–present
    • Simon Simulator C# WPF Database

      A tool for testing developed as my bachelor’s thesis and is further extended at Institute of Computer Science, Masaryk University
  4. 2008–present
    • PageCooker PHP Database

      System for development and management of websites and web applications
  5. 2018
  6. 2013–2018
    • School Projects

      Projects created during my studies at Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University
  7. 2016
    • E-learning PHP Database

      Platform for study materials sharing, training and testing
  8. 2015
    • SoftIq SrvControl C Python Database

      Interface for web server management, replaces former SoftIq Dilabyrint
  9. 2013
  10. 2012
    • Skladové zásoby C# WinForms Database

      Simple inventory management software for a small business
    • FoodTime C# WinForms

      Program for remote desktop lockdown
    • Facebook Classroom Map PHP Database

      Facebook app that helps alumni to easily reconstruct the sitting arrangement in their classroom
  11. 2011
  12. 2010
    • Plánovač C# WinForms

      Application for visual task and resource planning
    • yInvoices PHP Database

      Minimalistic application for creating and managing invoices
  13. 2009 and earlier
    • Website Coding

      Creation and maintenance of various websites
    • MPP Payment PHP Database

      Micropayment system for an ad portal
    • SoftIq Labyrint C# Delphi

      Software that provided intranet logon and screen sharing for remote support
    • Počty 2006 Delphi

      Program for practicing basic mathematical operations