Selected Projects

School Projects

Telemaniacs (2017)

  • Team project in 3 persons
  • TV schedule with its administration
  • Subject: Enterprise Applications in Java
  • Technologies: Java, jUnit, AssertJ, Mockito, Spring Framework, Hibernate ORM, Maven, Logback, HTML, CSS, AngularJS, REST

Recipes (2017)

  • Team project in 4 persons
  • Recommender system for food recipes
  • My contribution: Crawler and critiquing
  • Subject: Recommender Systems
  • Technologies: C#/.NET, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core, PostgreSQL

SQLBox (2017)

  • Team project in 3 persons
  • Presentation of practical usage of analytic functions
  • Big data analysis
  • Subject: Database System Project
  • Technologies: C#/.NET, ASP.NET Core, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Bower

Examinator (2015)

  • Individual final project
  • On-line student testing tool
  • Subject: Introduction to Development in C#/.NET
  • Technologies: C#/.NET, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL (T-SQL), HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript

WalletCoach (2015)

  • Team project in 4 persons
  • Tool for tracking of incomes and expenses
  • Demonstration of XML database capabilities
  • Subject: Modern Markup Languages and Their Applications
  • Technologies: Java, Swing, Maven, Log4j, XML, XSD, XQuery, XPath, XSLT, XML Database

My Library (2015)

  • Pair project
  • Simple database of books and readers
  • Subject: Seminar in Java Programming
  • Technologies: Java, Swing, Derby Database